The Story Of A Ship

By Rage • March 25, 2016

One sunny day a cruise ship that was created to be unsinkable took it's first cruise. The ship was full of passengers; from billionaires, millionaires, businessmen, celebrities and professionals. The ship is carrying those valuable persons. Person's with pride and attainment. Well since the ship was created and dubbed as unsinkable it is carrying it's pride and elegance as well. People were cheerfully waiving goodbye to the ship as it departs from the port where it docks. Bands are playing there goodbye hymn and members of the Naval Forces were the ones who tug the ship out from the port. The ship was like a precious to everybody. The ship is the biggest cruise ship on earth that was ever built. It can accommodate 15,000 guest/passengers and and has the speed of 30 knots. The ship also boasts it's world class entertainment. Entertainers from different parts of the globe were hired by the shipping company.

In the Ship there was a boy who wishes to go to a chapel. The boy asked one of the stewardess where the chapel is. The stewardess simply replied "I apologize since the ship was built with no bias with religion, social class, and race we don't actually put a chapel in here. If you want to pray you can pray in your room though." The boy was unsatisfied for the stewardess' answer, he went to the receptionist to ask again. same thing happened and he received the same answer. Heavy-hearted the boy was, he went back to his room and prayed. The boy was still thinking why there is no chapel in the ship. In his mind he is thinking that the ship lacks one thing. Almost all of the good things are in the ship; food, entertainment, amenities, service, but on thing is missing. The boy was very bothered. He went to the captain's lounge and made a conversation. The boy asked the captain, "Captain I know that this ship is very elegant and very good; great entertainment, great service, but why is there no chapel? there is no place for us to worship where we can possibly celebrate a worship or a mass? The captain replied, "With all due respect sir, this ship is made for entertainment and fun. We have almost all of the amenities here, and also this ship is built without faith or religion bias. And besides this ship is unsinkable! We don't need God anymore because everything is under control here. All we want you to experience is the goodness of life. The fun, enjoyment, the excitement, and also the great cruise! Well in fact you can pray in your room and that's with a hundred percent privacy." The boy was terrified and alarmed with the captain's response. The boy felt dull and went back to his room and prayed.

One evening, the ship routed an unknown path. The night was very gloomy, the wind and waves are clashing and pounding the ship. The ship was unstable, tilting left and right. Electricity was coming in and out. Everyone is hearing the roar of the ocean. On the captains deck, there was no visible sightings. It was very foggy it's a haze like view. Due to electrical problems, the radar was not working properly. The captain made an emergency call, but no one answered. The captain asked his chief-mate if there is a visibility. The chief-mate grabbed his telescope and saw a light from a far. "Captain there's a light, check and see it must be a ship too." The chief-mate handed the telescope to the captain. "Yes lets call that." The captain called the other ship, but there was no response. The cruise ship is not slowing down and still fog were not disappearing, still there was no visibility . The captain is going near to the light, because the waves are driving the ship near to the light. The captain called again the other ship. Still there was no response. The Third Time the ship called the other ship "This is the captain of the ship coming at your way. Please move away right now, This ship is unsinkable it might create damage on your part and will cause you to sink. Again this ship is unsinkable please move away." The other line responded, "Hey captain! The one you are calling is not a ship. This is an Island and What you are seeing right now is a light house. Please reverse or change your way. It might create damage on your part and will cause you to sink. Again this is not a ship but an island." The captain, suddenly slowed down his ship and tried hard to change the direction. But it was already too late the waves were too big. and the wind was very strong. The ship cast a drift to the shore of the island. Luckily no one was harmed as it was carried by the waves to the shallow shore and the the ship was anchored, while waiting for a rescue. The captain then remembered on what her answered to the boy "this ship is unsinkable! We don't need God anymore because everything is under control here." The captain was dumbfounded on what had happened. He was looking for the boy who talked to him. He tried to check the passengers manifesto, but the boy was not on the list.

In life sometimes we are so proud of ourselves and we tend to forget to give thanks and praise to the one who is in control of us. Because of our attainment in life we are too busy to move ahead and to step up without looking back where we started. In addition we rely too much on our knowledge that we grasps all the things that we need to know. But still we are not in control of all the things. We may be have all the wealth and fame, but we don't know that in a period of time, all of those will be gone. Maybe most of the time we are not afraid because we have all the technology of our time and think that everything is under control. But still we are not the great designer. Even Jesus himself was afraid. Even though he already knew what will happen to him, but still he was afraid. What he did is to pray in the garden and asked "Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done. (Luke 22:42)" In this bible phrase we know that even Jesus himself who knew already what will happen, was afraid that time. How much more are we? We don't know what will happen to us, and here we are very confident and proud of the things that we have and tend to lose our faith and love in him. In this Lenten Season let us reflect and ask ourselves. Why are we so proud? What is in us that we need to change?


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