I Am Finally Getting Married To My High School Sweetheart, I Feel At Peace

By Mynearlifeexperience • March 15, 2016

The story begins with me, in high school.

My father and mother both left me when I was young, and I had to take care of my younger sister. I met a beautiful girl, who was intelligent, beautiful and liked me for who I was. We spent happy days together, but it reached its breaking point. She was a year older, and graduated to University. I, like a coward, broke it off a few months before and that looked to be the end of that. However, she never gave up on me.

Everyday, she waited for me early in the bus stop when she didn't have to. She made me come with her to outings with friends from University to make me feel involved. When I finally graduated, I came away top of 3 of my 7 subjects. I got into a nearby University and we lived in an apartment. I fell into a depression after failing my first exams, and she was always there for me, waiting for me. She could have left me easily, a few of her guy friends were gunning for her, but she wouldn't have it. She stayed with me, through nasty times and dark, long nights of doubt.

I eventually powered through and completed a Masters degree in Psychology and Medicine. We saved up enough to go on a holiday, and it wasn't until we stood upon the mountains of Lijiang, witnessing the beauty of the Chinese landscape, that I realized I owed it all to her. She was mine.

I eventually proposed to her, and we're getting married in 2 months time. What she's done for me I can't repay, I'll always be in her debt. She's my soulmate, and for once in my life, I feel at peace.


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