White Paper

By C M Reddy • February 28, 2016

"Forgetting and Forgiving both are the natural Human instincts"

But we are tend to forget easily and it is hard for us to forgive quickly. Everyone wants the other people to think or behave as they expect, if not they don't accept those people as their friends or closed ones. But we seldom think that the other people also expect the same attitude and behaviour from us.

We wish that the others like to be a 'White Paper" we want to live with clean, immaculate and unblemished people. But could we ever find such kind of people on the whole Earth. Every person has some flaws and defects. If anyone associated with us and does a wrong deed which is unintentional and routine usually we would become irritated with them and try to forget it. Again the same is repeated we wouldn't relent.

"Forgetting is like erasing the pencil marks on White Paper" every time we have to erase the pencil marks of misdeeds and faulty behaviour from our mind and to live with such kind of people in our life make us restless and lead itchy life.

However when we accept such kind of people in our life and to associate with them despite their errors, weaknesses and misconduct, we never feel discontented or discouraged. All the negative traits are like "ink marks" on White Paper with which we have to become accustomed.

"Forgiving is like to keeping remain the Ink marks on White Paper" Thus we need not erase them, we can live with them by accepting the faults or errors of people with whom we associated closely. That is called Pure and Selfless Love.

'Forgetting is the Human quality'

'Forgiving is the Devine quality'

Don't expect clean White Papers in our lives, certainly they have ink marks.


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