Helping An Elderly Man Today

By Rossputman • February 24, 2016

Today I was on my way to a meeting in town with a college of mine, we had already parked the car and we were walking into town. Out of the corner of my eye an old man with a walking stick tripped up some steps to a building about 20 feet in front of us.

We promptly rush to him to sit him up and check he was okay, he'd broken his glasses and bashed his nose a little too which was bleeding. Neither me or my college had any tissues but another passer by stopped and gave the old man two tissues.

We helped him to his feet, he was looking for the local museum and library which was actually the other side of the road. We held his hand and walked him across the road and into the museum, sat him down and informed a member of staff who got him a glass of water.

We told them to call him a taxi and I gave the woman £10 telling her to use this to pay for his taxi home, he had mentioned he lived about a 20 minute walk away. As we left he thanked us and called us "very nice people".

If you ever see an elderly person in need of help, even if its just walking across the road or if they've dropped something, please help them. Even just smile at them and be nice. That's somebodies grandfather or grandmother and all of you reading this would want you to do the same for your own grandparents.


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