I Found The Missing Part

By Michael Acera • February 23, 2016

Many people in the world is trying to seek beyond what they have in life. At first, I'm one of them. I don't know how to be contented. I always seek for more. But there is always missing and I don't know what it is and I can find it. I have no Idea. I set goals and make plans and achieved those I have set. I am happy for a moment of this achievements but they don't last. I am seeking for the peace and contentment that makes me happy even though I don't have much money and earthly things in life. Until such time that I finally found an answer. It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Throughout my life I am striving to be a good person to GOD and my fellowmen. Now I found the missing part and I am very thankful that God had shown me the right way and the right journey of my life. Everything I do now, little things or big things, I feel the contentment in my life. There are still many problems and challenges in my life but I am not alone with those problems and challenges my God stands for me and He loves me.


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