Motivation And Perspective From A 3 Year Old

By Cutfirst • February 15, 2016

I have a little girl who just turned 3. I'm blessed enough that my wife can stay home with her and our newborn. I work very long and stressful hours as a young surgeon and miss more of their growing up than I would like to. In total I work about 100-120 hours a week.

Recently my 3 year old likes to draw paintings and put a message on the back of them. She tells us what she wants it to say and we outline it so she can color it in. Shortly after she learned that I was home from work and wasn't going back in for the weekend, she gave me her art and asked for this message on the back.

"Thank you Daddy for coming home"

Sometimes it is easy to get motivated for our careers and the other things we think are important. But to those you love the most, the greatest thing you can do is just be there.


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