Inner Peace

By C M Reddy • February 15, 2016

"Living a Peaceful Life" is the basic desire for every one on this earth, but what makes us to live peacefully throughout our lives is the big question now.

To describe it very clearly here is a story. Once there was a King wanted a best picture to be painted which was to reflect the ultimate Peace simply by seeing it. So he called upon the renowned painters around the world and conducted a competition for the best Picture that reflects the Peace in its pure state. After the scrutiny only two best paintings which were almost similar and hard to judge stood in the final race. The decision to select the best painting lied on the King. He carefully observed the two.

The first one had the calm and pristine lake surrounded by grass carpet with flowering plants on front side and towering smooth surfaced mountains on back side and its image falls on the steady water of lake which acts as a perfect mirror. Above of these a blue sky with fluffy white clouds. The painting appeared very serene, calm and picturesque, it emanates the absolute Peacefulness in the minds of the viewers.

The second one also had the mountains, but they had rugged and rocky surface with a thundering and stormy black sky above them. The storm has caused the heavy rain, so the mountains had the roaring waterfalls that runs down to merge with a turbulent stream at the bottom. Beside of the waterfalls at the middle point there was a small crevices in the huge rock where a green bush was growing. On the top of the bush there was a Bird caressing it's tiny child observing all the natural phenomenon with peaceful eyes. The Bird appeared to be complacent knowing the truth that nothing will happen as a disaster in its life despite its given habitat was under a calamity.

The King chose the second painting as it reflected the Absolute Peace amidst all the natural hardships. It is obvious that we can have a Peace of Mind when there is quiet and noiseless environment.

Even the calm and noiseless environment sometimes may not give perfect Peace when the mind has all the disturbances and negative thoughts.

The Peaceful life is not caused by the external factors like calm, quiet and pristine surroundings. The Peacefulness has to come from inner core of our mind.

When we make Peace with ourselves that emanates from inner layers of our mind, then all the troubles, wavering, difficulties and moments of turbulence generated externally can not disturb our Peace of Mind.

The Inner Peace always wins over the external disturbances and troubles, also it keeps our mind to be in a continuous state of calm and Happiness.


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