Learning From Children

By C M Reddy • February 5, 2016

Children teach many precious things for a Happy living, for which usually we adults turn a blind eye. One fine morning recently this truth has taught a great lesson for me.

We in India during morning prayer offer flowers and fruits for worshipping the God. The flowers anyway we have to change every day because they wilt away soon. But the fruits we bring will run for three or four days. It is quite a practice that we pick fruits without any sign of decay for our consumption and the remaining fruits which are not in good quality are placed before the God as offering.

One day morning my younger daughter ten years old also joined with her mother for morning prayer. When asked to bring fruits for offering, she carefully picked shining and good quality fruits leaving all others which are inferior quality. Her mother insisted not to place the good ones, but the little girl did not heed and continued her prayer. Later she held all of us in the house for the guilty of our carelessness towards the God, when the God is listening to our prayers and bestow all the gifts on us why can't we reciprocate with the best ones we have.

I wondered for her purity in thoughts, my heart became remorseful.

There are other qualities which makes children, the embodiment of God.

They are always Happy for no reason, even very petty things make them Happy.

They are always busy in their activities and games without idle mind.

They see every natural phenomenon with amazement like sunrise, chirping of birds and flying of butterflies.

They quarrel among themselves and again mingle very easily leaving all their skirmishes.

We consider these qualities for a Happy living.

Often we adults have the desire to become like children and children want to grow hurriedly to become adults.

This is the magic of Human life


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