Living A Beautiful Life

By C M Reddy • February 3, 2016

Living always at Happiness is something not possible every day, we are prone to various kinds of emotions both negative and positive.

When we wake up early in the morning we expect the day as more delightful than yesterday that is the usual way we think, but we easily get depressed when someone upset our mind with their negative stuff, they poison our ears simply by igniting negative emotions like "Jealous, Anger, Hatred and Greed."

Sometimes the things in our daily life go on undesirable directions like the moment we get into the road in our vehicle, one of the tire may get flattened and we have to wait for another vehicle or to replace it, then all the positive mood would wash out from our minds.

Then after reaching our work place or business setup, somebody may criticise our actions because they are not as good as we in that activity or the some of the people working under our supervision may foil our attempts to improve the fortunes of our firm lest we become successful in reaching our goal.

Other than these sometimes the people whom we keep high in our esteem may misunderstand or mistake our words or gestures so that they lack perfection in their expressions.

Sooner after our arrival to the lovely home that is built carefully, we show all our frustration and irritation that have been brewing since the dawn over our beloved wife and children. Then the entire atmosphere will turn into darkness of unhappiness.

By all means we are subjected to Human and Natural elements every day to become "Happy and Unhappy."

We have to avoid this kind of attitude.

We have to know the Universal truth that "Happiness is the preference or choice of our mind."

Despite all the odds and difficulties we can prefer to be Happy, knowing that the physical comfort and hardship depends on our accommodating ability.

We can be Happy as long as we are content with our earnings and possessions, also by not comparing with life style and wealth of others.

We can be Happy as long as we accept the people in their original character and knowing that their judgment about us depends on their own perception.

Above all we can be Happy when we know the secret that living a life consists of 10 percent of our actions and 90 percent of our responses and reactions toward others.

So know the art of "living a beautiful life."


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