The Circle?

By Rick Euker • February 1, 2016

Could it be true that "what goes around comes around"? Does happiness run in a circular motion? Does hate curve in on itself? Is life simply linear? Could life just begin nowhere and end nowhere? Wouldn't a large curve arcing through the Universe look like a straight line up close? Could my circle be made of many lifetimes? Could I be living, or even re-living, the circle I created?

Am I responsible for what I have started? Do I end up there too? In the current of my life have I started circular eddies of love? Eddies of hate? Eddies of caring? Eddies of help? Is this website an eddy pool of hope? Can I escape my eddy pools of sorrow? Do I have the power to escape? Do I have the power to choose? Do my choices make a difference? Can I re-create myself? Will I alone be responsible for my choices?

Which circle of life will I bring to myself? Can I blame anyone but myself for my own circle of friends? In which circles of life will I linger? Is there "payback" or simply "playback"? Will I languish, or laugh in the pool of thoughts I entertain? Do you think there is something I don't understand out there? If you don't ask any questions does it mean you know all the answers? Is Popeye right in saying, "I yam what I yam?" Did I get you thinking, for yourself I mean?


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