You Are Powerful - Be Empowered!

By Antonietta Gutierrez • January 31, 2016

Have you ever experienced that moment when you're so tired and you feel as if everything is going backwards rather than pushing forward? Then something amazing happens, it's like that sudden burst of energy from waking up in the morning? I really don't know how to describe it... The feeling just makes you wanna stand up, jump around, smile, cry.... DO SOMETHING!! That right there is strength. In the last little while i realized how important it is to have moments of clarity like these. Your life is probably consisted of school or work, extracurriculars, taking care of your family or trying to stay off the streets. Whatever circumstance, life throws a lot of punches at you, unfortunately. For me, I know I am very fortunate with the life I have, but I do have had long periods of times when I was lost, depressed, angry with the world and hopeless. The thing is i never thought i had the looks or ability to accomplish much. As dumb as it sounds, in reality! it's true. I wasn't born a prodigy nor wealthy private school girl i was pretty average. My social, loud persona always wanted to fit in with others and be "like" someone else. For what reason? It has taken me so long to figure it out. Simply because it gave me purpose, it made me feel worth something. You see that's the thing. In life it's always easy to give in to others and follow someone, rather than forging your own path and standing out. WHY? Because of fear. Many people like myself. have always been afraid of being judged and put down. I think media today plays a big role. Celebrities, magazines, companies etc have led us to believe, What's on the outside matters. Nothing else.

But this toxic mentality isn't true. You can be the most privileged girl on the block, with a boat load of money, contacts, clothes, shoes and looks. But if that girl is empty inside, what's the point. How you act and what you do in your life shows. Your words are more powerful than the priced tag on your new shoes. Your purpose in life is not to become something, it's to become someone. Everyone has a voice full of greatness. The only difference is only some take the risk to discover it. People often fear what lies ahead, so they tread in water. But the key isn't mind blowing or amazing. It's logic. You often get what you put in. You have a choice to how hard you want to work, how much you want to sacrifice and how much of yourself you are going to invest. Your life, is YOURS and YOURS ONLY! No one can ever control what you feel and what you do. fear shouldn't be your enemy it should be your opponent. You can do great things with what you are. There is content in what lies inside your mind and heart.

So let this be a positive thing. Try everyday the act of gratitude - thank everything you have in your life. Keep searching for daily inspiration- as in a hobby of some sort to get you motivated. Now don't give me the I'm tired excuse. Do it and you'll see. Don't then oh well. See every challenge as an opportunity. Most importantly find joy. peace and happiness. Once you believe, others will to. Spread your wings and fly to touch, inspire and spread positivity to others. What ever you do or get to in life, remember who you are matters. Your success is not the things that can be bought, it's what has to be earned, what can't be seen- It is rather the best fulfillment and expression of who you are. YOU ARE POWER- Never forget it.


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