God Speaks Through Someone

By C M Reddy • January 31, 2016

It may be in the form of Voice of Command, a Protest, the Silent Look or gentle Whisper & a warm suggest. To corroborate the above truth, I had an incident that took place in the middle of my night journey four days ago.

I was traveling a 500km distance in a luxury bus from my home town towards our Capital city where I had to attend a meeting. Exactly after three hours the vehicle was exuding lumps of smoke from AC chamber at back side of it. It was abruptly halted and all the passengers were asked to get down. The driver expressed his helplessness for restarting as there was no sign of repairs availability. The bus attendant was trying to convince the passengers for arranging small van to travel up to a nearby town, from where we could board a bus to reach our destiny. Many of them got furious about the callousness of the bus crew and refused to board the small vehicle. But an elderly person persuaded to continue our journey through that tiny vehicle. Myself and five others followed him. The rest were busy in cursing the bus crewmen and their fate at the middle of the dark night.

The old person reiterated a fact that,'amidst of a difficulty what ever we get the meagre opportunity for a way out, it is certainly blessing of Almighy'. Later we reached a town after one hour journey and got down at a point from which we could catch regular buses to reach the city.

I was thirsty and found no water in the surrounding, my fellow passengers emptied their water bottles through half way journey in the van. I tried to control my natural urge and stood with others to board the bus.

We could not find vacant berths even after twelve buses passing through us. I was feeling unrest and my thirst for drinking water made my condition even worst. The elderly man was watching my hardship from the corner of his eye and came to my side. He placed his hand on my shoulder and said " no doubt this night is very cruel and we are undergoing through merciless fate, yet if God will is with us we could be placed at comfortable zone. I had almost given up my hopes. After ten minutes a well furnished bus arrived with vacant berths, all we boarded hastily.

To my surprise the bus had a box containing bottles of drinking water which one of the passengers forgot to carry while getting down after his journey. I have quenched my longing thirst.

I learnt three things through this episode:

God always speak or make gesture to show the right path in our difficulties.

Natural fate never deceive us, when we allow the things to happen on their own way.

He who generate the "thirst" in us humans, also provides the water.


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