Sometimes The Smallest Things Are The Greatest

By Julie • January 14, 2016

One year when I was an RA in college there was a girl on our floor that was struggling socially. She kept to herself. I always looked for an opportunity to reach out to her. One night when I was doing rounds her dorm room door was open a crack which was really unusual. I took it as an opportunity to knock and talk to her for awhile. I have no idea what we talked about but I just wanted her to know she was not alone. I never thought about this again. Then two years later I ran into her at a football game. She said:

"I just wanted to thank you for coming and talking to me that night. You saved my life. I was planning on overdosing on pills and left my door open a crack so someone would find me after I died. But you came in and were so nice to me, I decided not to do it."

Sometimes the smallest things are the greatest.


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