My First Crush

By Vijay Lohith • January 13, 2016

Well, it was my first Interdojo State Level Karate Tournament. Like other participants even I was excited about my event. When I got into the ring it was my first fight and I was easily qualified to the second round. I was watching every opponent's skills techniques so that I can be careful about their moves.

Somehow I got into the semifinals. In the semifinal, my opponent was so rash that he injured me. i still didn't give up, fought back and got into finals. Getting into finals and getting the gold medal was my dream.

Well back into the ring. As I was a new face there was no supporters from my side. For my opponent, the crowd was screaming and cheering from the stadium gallery. I could hear only my opponent's name.

Thinking that if I can't make it today then I will never and gave my best shot. I ignored the crowd's scream. I kept one thing in mind, focus wait and attack. I just built confidence in myself that no matter how strong my opponent is, I must give my best and fought well.

When the time was up, I was leading with 3-0 score. One thing I learnt from that event is, no matter how the strong your opponent is, don't think you are weak or strong. Just give your best shot. And you will make your way to success.

Win or loss. Both the things will give you experience. Learn from every step you take.


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