The Farmer Who Prayed For Me

By Bluejay • January 4, 2016

Early this morning I was involved in a car accident. A fuel truck came into my lane and I swerved to miss it, by doing so my car slid off the road and down into a cow pasture. My car basically fell off a cliff and I tore down the gate and almost hit a cow. As I was getting out of the car (it was pouring rain) I lost my footing and slid into the fence which happened to be electric. It completely knocked the wind out of me and thankfully the farmer was outside and saw it all. He came running and pulled me off the fence, I had been laying on it on my back. He didn't show one bit of anger. He took his coat off and laid it on top of me and said a prayer while holding me and waiting for help. I am so thankful to him. It was not the morning I expected and I'm sure the farmer felt the same way. Thank you sir for staying out in the freezing rain and holding my head and comforting me. I owe you everything. What a blessing.


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