To The Girl On The Bus...

By Anon • January 4, 2016

Thank you. We see each other everyday, me on my way to work, you on your way home from college, and although we had never talked before, when I fell asleep, you woke me up for my stop, the same stop we both get, so I didn't sleep through till the end of the line. I was having a really bad day. I was sick and I hadn't gotten much sleep. You taking the time to stop at my seat, nudge me and smile at me and then, you didn't even wait for me to say thank you, you just got off the bus. The simple fact that you had even noticed we get the same stops was lovely, but the fact that you saw me fall asleep and made sure I got off on the right stop was amazing. So thank you. You made sure I wasn't late to see the little boy I care for. You made my crappy day less crap, by making sure I wasn't late. So thank you, sincerely, the girl who always smiles back :)


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