Why Are People The Way They Are?

By Bertha Peka Betham • January 3, 2016

Today is the 2nd day of 2016, and this question has always been bugging me every passing year. Why are people the way they are? We are all humans, and we all have different feelings each day depending on what's going on in our lives. I saw these 2 gentlemen at a casino in Las Vegas going at each other over something that was not worth fighting over. I was in Las Vegas to celebrate the New Years. It's supposed to be a happy celebration, except for some people. Two guys tried to sit down on the same slot machine to play, and instead of letting the other have it they fight over it. They said some really hurtful things to each other and they throwed some punches. I stood up from my machine, and I had to say something. I said out really loud, "Hey!!!" They both stopped and turned to look at me. "One of you can take my slot machine. Act like adults and have some respect. It's not worth fighting over a slot machine." One of these 2 guys started laughing, and everybody else laughed too. By the time security showed up, there wasn't a fight anymore but a punch of people laughing. They asked if everything was okay. We all answered that there wasn't anything wrong but having some fun. The guy that started laughing first came over to me and apologized, and thanked me. He also mentioned that he should have walked away instead of getting angry. I said to him, "Life is too short to get angry. It's always good to walk away from confrontation, and ignore that little voice that tried to get you in trouble." He said Happy New Year to me, and thanked me for saving him from going to jail on New Year's Eve. He actually said sorry to the other guy, and went his way.


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