Angel Smiles

By Joseph J. Mazzella • December 28, 2015

When I was a boy growing up I made my guardian angel work overtime. It still amazes me that I survived it all. I climbed trees and jumped off rocks. I took long walks in the woods and nearly got lost more than once. I sledded down hills in Winter narrowly missing trees. I fell off our family’s wooden swinging bridge and ruptured myself. I rode my bike down hills at break neck speeds with no helmet and wrecked once, splitting my head open. I swam all day long and often was so tired I barely made it out of the water. I lost a few fist fights, was in a motorcycle crash, and fell off a ladder once. I was scrawny and undersized but played football anyway and got pummeled daily. I tried to muscle up in the off season by lifting weights unsupervised and ended up damaging my body instead of building it. I narrowly avoided accidents several times as an inexperienced teen driver. When I finally reached adulthood I had several scars and a bad back but thankfully was still alive. I am sure, though, that by that time my guardian angel had gray hair, a nervous twitch, and some serious stress lines because of me.

When I grew up and saw the real meaning of life I decided that it would be best to get to Heaven the long way around and it would be far more fun to give my guardian angel laugh lines rather than worry wrinkles. I started to do my best then to make my angel smile. I gave my own smile to everyone who needed it. I spoke positively and encouraged others. I did random acts of kindness. I helped others and donated what I could to charity. I loved and raised my children. I hugged more, cared more, and shared more. I rescued dogs and cats. I wrote about how much God loves us, how we can love too, and how when we love we create joy.

Do your best to make your own angels smile. Love God. Love yourself. Love others. Create joy. Make your way to Heaven while bringing a little more Heaven here to Earth.


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