My Christmas Gift To You

By Jenny C.C • December 24, 2015

This happened last night; December 22,2015... I'm 17 and from Canada; so I went out for dinner with my cousin after picking up my sisters Christmas gift and while I was sitting there eating an old mans credit card kept on getting declined at the front and he wasn't able to pay and he was all alone so I went up to the cash and said I'll pay for your meal as a Christmas gift to you and he said "no, your joking - do I know you?" and I was like "nope you don't know me but I'm doing this out of the Christmas spirit and I hope you have a great day" he kept asking for my number and name so he could repay me but I said nope it's my treat - he almost started crying and he gave me a hug and wished me a merry Christmas like he was so cute and it made my day like I love doing nice things for people and then he came by my table with his scooter and was like - you just made my Christmas like thank you so much.

So moral of my story - Do a good deed! You never know how much cheer and joy you could bring to one person until you do it! Merry Christmas!


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