By C M Reddy • December 16, 2015

The following incident happened in the middle of 1950's when the great saintly woman Mother Teresa serving the poor, leper & orphans through her Order of the Missionaries charity in Culcutta of India.

One day a man came to her seeking help for a family consists of a single woman & eight children had been starving for many days. Mother went with necessary quantity of food grains to the house where in she found no sadness or sorrow but the disfigured faces stricken with hunger. She handed over the rice to the lady of that house who made it into half and slipped to the neighbouring house for sharing the other half with them. Mother asked the lady what she was doing, she replied that they too were hungry without food for many days.

Mother was not surprised for the way the lady acted in such a dire circumstance, since the people in difficulties are generous with those experiencing similar kind of pain. Generally we are so focused about our problems, we don't watch conditions of others what they are going through. Recognising the others in trouble and helping them out when we are in difficulty is nothing but 'Godliness'

We may not see the God with our eyes, but we can exhibit or experience the Godliness. The love and kindness of God always being shared among all the people in one or other forms. When ever we help the people in dying needs, there prevails the 'godliness.'


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