Cabbage Patch Dolls

By Kay • December 16, 2015

Do you remember "Cabbage Patch" dolls? Years ago, especially at Christmas, those dolls were a big rage. It seemed like everyone wanted one and the stores could not keep them in stock. In order to get a doll people were given a "rain check" they could use when a new supply came in.

Even though Bill, my husband was the General Store Manager of K-Mart I did not get any special treatment. There I stood in a line with my rain check waiting to get a Cabbage Patch doll with everyone else.

It was pretty interesting listening to people whine and complain as they waited in line for their doll.

Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore so I thought I'd add to the conversation.

With a straight face, shaking my head in disbelief, I spoke up, "You'll never believe this, but I actually slept with the manager of this store and I'm still standing in line!"

You could have heard a pin drop!


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