I'm Just Me

By Andrew Lester Baron • December 9, 2015

Hi there! I'm Andrew Lester Baron but you can call me drew or an. I'm from Philippines. I'm glad I can share my life story here. Enjoy reading and I hope it will inspire you to do great things you will never expect to happen.

When I was five year old I was far away from my parents. I was just being raised by my aunt, uncle, grandma and with my sisters. Everyone else around me says that I was useless, dull and nothing. but never did my sisters done it. My sister pushes me all through out to study, to have a better profile. But I couldn't catch up. I was bitten up, locked in a room, grounded and the worst of all, my hands bleeds because of those bougainvillea's branch that is thorny. When I was 6 year old, I started the grade school. And to my luck I got the top 3 rank in the end of the school year. My sister was not proud of it. And still my parents are away(they were working, and never been home even just to see me). I was hoping that they will be home soon to even just see my achievements... And in the second grade I have maintained my rank, still in top 3. I have no supporters during those days, even from my sisters I don't feel they support me. But still I am determined to continue the things that makes my profile good... I was not that intelligent but I have guts to do something different, something great.. I am seeing myself to be a bit different from others. I'm friendly, religious, kind, honest, neat and simple..

During the summer days after second grade I was so ecstatic and crying for joy. My mom got home to see me, just to visit me. At least she did. She told me she was proud of me. After a few days she left.. And again I am lonely. But it still never stop me to strive on. After a year she come back home. She promise me she will never leave us again, so as dad. on my fourth grade I rank second and on my fifth and sixth grade I transferred a school and it got me some difficulties..

During my high school days I was a bit naughty. I have change. I belong to a lower section( a categorization on our school of intelligence). Some bad influences of my friends and classmates. My teachers were hopeless that I will got nothing good, so my mom does. Well, I prove to them that they were wrong. It's my last year on high school, I was shock my name was on the list of the Academic Awardee. Our school has a lot of geniuses. Well, to my luck and hard work I was rank 4. some of the teachers protests on that because I belong to the lower section and they only took an awardee on the top 1 section. But the father of our valedictorian(the most highest Academic Awardee) says I am the true genius because even I belong to the lower section I made it to be one of the top students on academic. Well, they agreed on that and it made me to be one of the Academic Awardees.

And currently I'm a college student now. I am taking up BS Marine Transportation. I was glad I made it to be in college. I tried to join on some school clubs that does the community outreach. Lots of my schoolmates told me it is tiring, boring and non-beneficial things. I was a kind person. I continue of what I am doing. I want to help people. And because of what I am doing our school staffs trusted me, adore me and made me as an example. I have gone through a lot during these days. I am emotionally, physically and mentally weak. Because of some environmental problems. Some things around that makes me challenge. It's like that if you're a total weak and afraid you could commit suicide. But I told myself, this is just a TEST OF LIFE, I can get through with this. I can make it. I can show the world that nothing is to fear but the only One. And it became an issue to my surroundings that why I always smile, that it's like I don't feel depression. I have problems and weakness but it doesn't mean I have no right to be HAPPY even they're with me. LIFE IS A TEST ON HOW STRONG WE ARE TO LIVE.


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