I Wasn't

By Ana Fe Sibor • December 8, 2015

I wasn't that child that you will say; she's going to excel in this. I wasn't that kind of a person who got the best records and grades while I was on school, I wasn't that girl who's on the first section. I'll tell you who I was back then. I am that child who dream and aim big, I am that girl who have a bigger vision that sometimes scares me, I am that girl who close her eyes and see myself on flat form sharing stories, success, and truth. I am once a dreamer and a visionary, but I took the risk of pursuing the champion that I am impregnated with. I once that person who could not speak even at the front of small group of people, I once that who have so much to share but afraid to let it out. I once that person who got opinion yet scared to speak thinking that people may get me wrong, I once that kid who stayed at my very small box where I am comfortable with. Thinking that staying at my box, nobody can hurt, criticize and make fun of me but little do I know that only comforts is on that box and there is no success and victory is in there. I am once that person who got so much to tell the world but afraid to speak because it seems that the world is against me. Until life put me to the edge and I got no choice but jump into the place that I deserve to be in, I choose to trust "ME" and Trust "GOD" Of course it wasn't that easy. There was people who do not believe in me, do not support me and others even put label on me, I have been discouraged and disappointed giving the fact that, it is easy to live the life that you want to be living if everybody support you but, life is not that kind of a party, I was slapped around, played around, fall, stumble and life put me into my knees and found out that the only hand I am holding is my own hand and I realize that, it is always good to have someone to grab your hand and hold especially in tough times but the most powerful hand that you can hold on to is your own hand and be at your knees and pray, who would have thought that; it was a turning point of my mere living life and start to live the life that I am called to live. I start to believe that there is something more for me in this life and that what makes me be Who God created me to be!

Remember that it is not on how you start that matters it is how you will end.

"The mountain feels good but there was a climb"


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