It's All Up To You

By B • December 1, 2015

Everybody goes through their own struggles. They may vary depending on who you are, or the way you take on life. Some go through silent struggles, kept away from people and often concealed inside of them. But others go through loud struggles, meaning the battles in which the person is fighting can be easily heard by others. No matter how successful a person is, or may seem, they too have had their own battles to fight so that they can reach their happiness.

A tip to winning your battles, no matter what it is, is to cancel out all the negativity around you. In life, there is always going to be people who will try to drag you down and destroy you. It could be because of their own personal struggles and problems, or envy and fear. Just remember to always believe in yourself and stay strong. At times it may be hard but, be good to the people around you. They may not necessarily be good to you back, but i assure you that it will pay off.

Life is not easy and reaching your goals is not either. We as humans tend to put so much unnecessary weight, and stress, and planning on our shoulders. Too much of that can prevent from easily perusing your dreams. I know when i was younger, all i wanted to be was happy. When people ask me what i wanted to be when i grew up, i would answer with 'to be happy'. So always think of what makes you happy or what you enjoy instead of thinking about what you're good at and over planning. Anything can be improved and polished, anything can be learned.

So it's all up to you. To follow you're dreams and reach your goals. I believe in you, and i know you you'll make it. Keep on grindin'



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