You're Already In Pain. Why Not Make It Worth It?

By Cloe • November 23, 2015

I'm always the negative person in our distro. I always commit mistakes and even though I tried my best, still it's not enough. I hate myself for being so stupid and I want to give up and be long gone.

One day, when I had a coaching session with my coach to tackle about the things that I'm doing wrongly. My coach was asking me why I'm not focused with my work and all. He expected for an answer but instead I cried in the very front of him.

He was stunned by my demeanor that time. So instead of discussing the things that made me unfocused and coach me, he instead became a counselor. He tell me that life is meant to be this way. You need to persevere and to aim your goal. You need to push yourself to the limit because no else can -- except YOU.

I can never forget his question that up until now still lingers my mind... "You're already in pain. Why not make it worth it?"

Until now, I hold on to this question. It made me motivated and challenged. He's not even a mentor to me. He's my counselor until now.


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