By C M Reddy • November 11, 2015

"Unless we change ourselves, we cannot change anything or anyone in this world "

Once there was a billionaire having amassed so much of wealth, got a severe eye irritation. He got the eminent doctor to treat his eye, after treatment the doctor advocated the patient to avoid bright light for one month so as to have natural healing and also it could add to the treatment for ensuring speedy recovery. Immediately the rich closed all his windows, replaced all the bright & colourful curtains with dull colour clothes. He removed all the chandeliers and luminous bulbs with lower wattage shades. Broadly speaking, he made all the mansion & it's ambiance completely dark.

Month later, the doctor paid a visit to his patient to enquire about the recovery. To the doctor's astonishment everything in the house was made dark & dull. Then the doctor said,it's a thing of small common sense that the billionaire could buy a pair of sunglasses which cost less instead of spending much money on all things to make them darker.

Same phenomenon applies to all of us that we see many mistakes & errors in others. We are very eager to change attitude & behaviour of others which doesn't suit to our own.

We have many likes & dislikes, Similarly other people also has. But many times we are interested in imposing our opinion & thinking on others that we are the only persons living without any errors & flaws in this world. Accordingly we want to change this world with our own rules & theory.

At last we forget that, other people who share this world equally with us also think in the similar pattern and expect us to behave according to their wishes. Then who cares about your rules & theory. In order to bring about certain change in the people around us, first it is 'we' have to change according to the morals necessary for that change.

Therefore any much needed change can occur only when it starts with us, then it can be spread to others.


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