Thanksgiving Mode Activated

By Azumdialu • November 11, 2015

I'm feeling truly grateful to God today particularly because this year has been a very tough year.

For me, today is another day of reflection, realization and acceptance of my life's journey. The last time I embarked on soul searching activity was during the festive period of Easter 2015. Sometimes I wonder how I still keep a smile on my face and look reasonably okay. I have learnt to surround myself with positive energy and my life is better for it as I found out in my 43rd year of life. It's amazing how deeply we are touched when we realize God's awesome presence in our lives, keeping us safe even in our own foolishness and selfish tendencies.

Do you know how many times you've been delivered from danger without knowing it? I bet you don't know, but when you realize just one of such occasions and what could have been your story if God wasn't in the scene doing his thing, it can be a very overwhelming experience.

Sometimes that's exactly how I feel when my thoughts go into overdrive, and to see I'm still standing through it all - wow. I can only say it shows how great God's love is for us his children, but it also leaves me wondering why I deserve such amazing love and what plans he has for me. I can't say I'm a very religious person but I try to live right, dedicate some special time to God and follow his instructions as humanly possible as I can.

I also try to be good to people, sometimes to my own detriment but I've learnt. Hmmmm! So once again, while I engage myself in deep conversation with God, this is for all the times he delivered me from all that I could not have fought on my own.



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