Just A Spider

By Joseph J. Mazzella • November 2, 2015

I was sitting at the kitchen table finishing my morning oatmeal. A little taste of Autumn sadness had crept into my soul. The lessening sunlight, cooling air, gray skies, and falling leaves all hinted of the Winter to come. I took my last drink of coffee and carried my empty oatmeal bowl over to the sink to rinse it out. Sitting on top of the kitchen counter my two cats sat transfixed, staring above them. I focused in and saw that they were both eyeing a tiny spider propelling down on a single web strain from the light bulb above. Just as the spider came within reach both cats started to bat at him. I quickly took a paper towel and snatched up the little guy before he became a kitty treat. I walked out the back door to let him go. As soon as I set him down he quickly crawled to safety under my porch. As I shut the door I noticed something too. I was smiling and my sadness was gone.

Now I know a lot of people would be confused about how saving the eight-legged acrobat could have lifted my spirits so quickly. After all, it was just a spider. As I thought about it, though, I remembered two quotes I had recently read that spoke to my heart. The first was: "The only true thing is love." The second was: "Do everything out of love." I realized then that no act of love no matter how tiny is insignificant in the eyes of God. I had only spared a spider to live another day, but it had touched my heart, uplifted my spirit, and reconnected my soul with Heaven.

When it comes to life always live from love. Always do everything out of love. When you do you will feel truly alive. When you do you will help not only yourself, but others and this world. When you do your soul will hear all of Heaven cheer. In God’s eyes every smile you share is a treasure, every kind act you do is a triumph, and everything you do in love is Divine.


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