I Do, What I Feel Good!

By Anjali Mohapatra • October 28, 2015

I was little bit late to my office, so I was in a hurry. I got down from the local bus, from that stop, my office was walking distance. On the way, I was pondering in my work schedule to sort out my immediate work to be done. My purse was hanging in the left side of my shoulder. I was feeling a little dizzy, so I thought to have some coffee or tea in the nearby restaurant. I was moving towards the restaurant, suddenly I sensed some one was following me. I turned around and saw a boy standing behind me saying something. I stood for a second and looked at him. I think, he must be eighteen or nineteen years old. He was wearing a torn out jean and a t-shirt, that also I think a double big size. I had no time, so abruptly I asked,'What??'

He said nothing, only put his hat down on the ground and showed a little posture of dance. I really couldn't guess whether he was asking money or what!! Anyways, I thought for a while, then put a twenty rupees note and walked away. But, he was not satisfied with that. He followed me. I was little annoyed and asked,'What now?'

He started doing some beautiful steps of tap-dance. Then he began to show some steps of salsa, tango,mixed varieties of dance. I smiled, shook my head a little and entered into the restaurant.

It was Saturday and peak hour, obviously the restaurant was almost fully packed. Inside the restaurant, the arrangement was good. Interior decoration, with combined music of Hollywood-Bollywood was definitely good. Within few seconds, I located a place, two seater's of course! I was about to settle down, the waiter put the menu booklet in front of me. Another one came immediately to take the order. I kept the booklet aside and said,'Tea only'. He suggested so many things, but I told him for tea only. Two minutes later, the tea was served. I was really impressed with their quick service. Anyhow, I sipped my hot tea slowly. The taste was amazing. In the meanwhile, I was watching the people around the restaurant. Beyond three, four seats from my table, a couple (I think college students) were sitting. They were busy in their personal talks. Perhaps, whatever they ordered, yet not ready. So, nothing was served, except two glasses of water. The tea was so hot, I had to sip it slowly. Through the glass window, I could see the road side view. I was surprised to see, that the same boy was still dancing in one posture or other.

Suddenly, I remembered a similar incident, that I saw in Paris, five years back. My husband and me, we went for a short trip to Paris and Switzerland. We were walking on the foot-path in Paris, just to have a window shopping, because everything in Paris was too costly!! We saw, a young man was playing guitar, sitting near a closed shop and his hat was kept on his side. People, those who were passing by, they were paying some money, in his hat. First, I couldn't get it, because for the first time in my life, I saw the way of 'asking money' in such a decent manner. At least, I assumed it in a good sense, that if anybody liked his music, would pay something on their own wish! It was not irritating at all! Well, to some extent, I appreciated his way of earning. At least, he was not nagging after anyone. Anyways, my tea was finished, so I left the place.

When, I came out from the restaurant, the music was changed. The song 'Come along if you feel...because I am happy' sang by Pharrell William was started. I didn't know, the cashier put it in high volume, the moment it began. Honestly speaking, I was crazy after this song. I loved the song so much that any time, any where, if I heard this song means, my body movement was changed. Automatically, my steps gave a rhythmical nod. My shoulders twisted little bit according to the music. To my utter surprise, I saw that the same boy ran towards me and started dancing fantastically in front of me. I was really stunned, looking at his dance! He didn't allow me to go, rather he forced me to dance through his childish gesture. I never expected that situation, but without thinking anything, I joined with him. Believe me or not, within two, three minutes, I found that I was not alone, we were accompanied by fifty to sixty young boys and girls! Not only that, the number was increased like anything else, in every second! The most amazing part was, the viewers were also clapping crazily, tapping their feet rhythmically, even though, they were not fully participating in the dance. The clapping sound of the audience was so high, it was impossible to hear anything else, except the song and the clapping sound. The whole crowd was enjoying the dance with the song, as if a live show of ' jazz concert' was going on over there! But, I think, literally every single person was dancing!!! For a moment, it seemed as if there was no pain, no grief, no sadness in this earth, only happy, happy and happiness. The way the old people were dancing, trust me, it was awesome, worth seen! Neither they were thinking about their age nor for the place, they were simply merged in dancing to get happiness. For God's sake, it was an amazing scene!!!

I really forgot, 'Who am I? Where am I?'. We all, were completely lost in the beautiful, heart throbbing music. Whoever stood there, started dancing like professional dancers!! That boy was a perfect dancer! It was really, really, really awesome!!! When the music was over, everybody was absolutely in a very happy mood! The dance was stopped and people came to their normal life once again. The whole crowd was a combination of young, old fellows. Nobody had time to find others mistake or wrong steps. All were overwhelmed with joy!!

'Oh, my God!!! How can I dance in the street??? And what a wonderful crowd!!!' I thought myself. I looked at my watch, it was already too late for office. Instead of regretting, I felt so relaxed!

That was a life time experience! When it was over, not me alone but the whole crowd contributed some money to that boy. Well, I talked to that boy, encouraged him to join somewhere in dance classes and came back home, because there was no point at all to go to office so late.

I came back home and described everything to my husband, exactly what had happened in the street. My husband's first question was, 'What are you saying? Are you in your sense, dear?' He laughed again and again and repeated the same question.

I looked at him in a smiling face and said, 'Oh, yes! Perhaps, you have never experienced this feeling in your life. Once you do, you can feel the difference! There is nothing wrong to dance, when every other person is dancing. And by the way, I was dancing for my own happiness! I love that song so much!!! The music and the lyric, made me crazy to dance. Even right now, if that music will be played, I think, you can't stop dancing yourself, you understood?'

He laughed aloud and said,'No, thanks! I don't want to break my legs in this old age.'

I paused for a while, then said,'You know what? Many a time, when your mom was working in the kitchen, without her notice, I had seen her twisting her waist, or shrugging her shoulders, whenever a hit music was played. Even, she tried to step her feet according to the music. I passed there as if I had not seen anything. What is that meaning? She also liked music. She wanted to dance few steps, even though she didn't know the a.b.c of dance. She couldn't do it only because of the society or the surrounding. Her concept was old people should not dance, but she liked it. Even so many times, I heard the tapping sound of your feet while you were bathing. Leave everything aside, I myself do some salsa or tango or Odissi or Bharat Natham, when no one is there at home. The same feeling your mother had that I have. So many times, I analysed why we feel shy? We are not going to dance like the dancers, but occasionally for fun sake, we can do it. Nothing wrong in it. If ever we are dancing, we are dancing for fun sake and for our own happiness! So, why should we feel shy??? You know what? In the restaurant, while I was taking my tea, the same thought came to my mind. Maybe, I was overwhelmed with joy, when that 'Come along..... along....happy..happy song' record was played and I couldn't resist myself. When the boy requested me, immediately I started dancing just to get my own pleasure. When you dance together, it is so beautiful, so relaxing, you can't imagine that feeling unless you experienced it once!!! Trust me, dance will relax your body, mind and soul at a time. Of course, I am not talking about regular dance course. Let the music play, we shall start dancing what ever we know! That's the idea!!!'

I have no idea whether you will admit it or not, but it is a fact, that whenever you see a mass number of people dancing, a hit music is played, unconsciously your body will respond to the dance and to that music! You know what? Not only the elders, the toddlers, the babies who do not know anything about this world are also hypnotised by the sound of music. They take their steps, so rhythmically, it is unbelievable!!! Dance, whenever you want to dance for your happiness. It will relax your body, mind and soul!!!

My husband burst into laughter and said, 'Yes, me Lord! As you wish. Hopefully, both of us should not be hospitalised at a time!!!!!!'

In a low voice, I said, 'No, no, no...I will do what I feel good.'


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