The Plane

By Rage • October 26, 2015

One day there was a priest, a nun, and a boy in a plane. It was a very sunny day when the plane took off from the tarmac. When the plane is at the middle of its travel period, thunders and lightnings arouse. Turbulence was felt inside the plane. the emergency oxygen mask automatically dropped from the compartments. Passengers were already afraid and panicking. The Priest then quickly grabbed his Liber Precum Publicarum and immediately say his prayer. The nun starts to pray the rosary. However the boy was just calm, whistling, and still playing with his PSP with an earphone on his ears. The nun was surprised why the boy was just calm and was unafraid of what will happen next. The boy suddenly stood up and went to the rest room and happily jumping and smiling going back to his seat. The nun continued her prayer. After finishing her prayer she asked the boy without hesitation, "Hey! are you not afraid what will happen next?"

The boy just answered her "No, I am not."

The nun was surprised. Then the Priest asked him, "We are in the middle of a turbulence and there are thunders and lightnings, why are you unafraid?" The boy then answered the priest with a smile on his face, "I should not be afraid and will not be afraid for this trip padre, because the one who is in charge in the cockpit is my father." The priest was shocked and gave a smile back to the boy.

Sometimes in life we are afraid of what will happen to us and we tend to forget that someone is in control for all the situations that we experience. We tend to forget and loose our faith to the one who is the great designer and the one who gave us life. We call ourselves persons of faith, but in the story we are just like the nun and the priest. We are very afraid if something went bad. We tend to loose our faith to the one who is control for all that is happening. We need to be like the boy in the story. We should stop worrying because everything is under control. We should not loose our faith. We should believe that everything will be alright and whatever happens to us there is a greater reason behind.

"Don't worry about a thing, 'coz every little thing's gonna be alright." - Robert Nesta Marley


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