Learn From Every Situation Of Your Life

By Sonia Kaur • October 21, 2015

You can make every day, situation, person, movie, book, bad and good days etc your teacher. Only you have to do is to be a learner.

Everything in life has a good or bad hidden message which shape up your life. Some people become more bad and some more good.

In this small life we face so many things like happiness, pain, fear, illness, poverty, richness, competition, success, falling and rising. Do we ever realise why we keep on facing these things? No, because we don't learn.

Poverty can only be understood by facing it. When a poor man becomes rich. He can better understand the needs and problems of poor and can help them to rise. If you are crying then make sure that you will not make anyone cry or you are cheated on then never cheat anyone because you know the pain. Whatever has happened with you don't do so with anyone.

Whatever you are missing in your life start giving it to others and change your life. Even I would say stop taking and start giving and attract God's blessings.

Learn from your mistake and refrain from repeating it. Don't be afraid to try new things. Even if u fail you will get experience. Learn from other's experiences.

Some pains are god gifted because he wants to make us strong enough to face life challenges and prepare for new beginning.


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