Never Give Up

By Lisa Louise • October 12, 2015

Never give up on all the love in your life, never loose hope, never fear change. Never say you have not done enough, never doubt yourself. Never loose the time you have today worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. Never question the good things you do. Never feel bad for the past and things you can not change. Never let anyone tell you that you are not worthy of a good life. Never let people change you. Never let gossip get you down. Never let yourself be beaten by life and all it's challenges. Never tell yourself you are not as good as the rest of the people in this world. Never stop laughing. Never stop being true to yourself. Never stop being happy. Never let anyone cheat you. Never let anyone tell you lies. Never let the cruel people in this world drag you down. Never stop looking at the sun and feeling its warm embrace touching your body. Never let the rain annoy you - go and sing and dance in it. Never stop eating the things you enjoy. Never worry about bills and money its Paper and will come and go. Never let the good things go. Never let anyone tell you not to be sad, if you feel sad cry and let it all out. Most importantly NEVER GIVE UP X X X


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