What's Next

By Gabriel Kaunda • October 12, 2015

I had come to that point in life where you start wondering whether you are of any use to anyone in this life, where you now seem like a burden to everyone around. Its like you just a bag of negativity, a mountain of failure, a perfect example of what not to be in life. You make everyone around you feel down, your parents start looking at you with that "look", you are always fighting with your girlfriend, your siblings are afraid to approach you because you always got a frown all the time, friends start to desert you. The point where you consider suicide a better alternative.

College, you been there, you failed.

Relationships, tried that, didn't work.

Gardening, did that, exhausting.

Job interviews, done those nothing panned out.

Hustling, not good in that either.

Work, just got fired.

So after all this is done what do you do next. You have exhausted all the challenges that life has set for you and you have proven to the world that you are a failure, but you are not convinced yet that you are a failure, you still want to do more, you still want to redeem yourself. That is human nature to believe that you will someday succeed, that's why gamblers go to that betting house everyday of their lives, that's why the casinos are always packed, that's why stadiums are never empty. Human nature does not accept failure, it seeks to prove its worth to the world.

Even after failing at almost everything you will always find something to try and tackle, thinking maybe this is where your destiny lies, but after tripping and falling you raise yourself, dust yourself and get back on that horse again and ride it until you run into a brick wall head first only then do you stop. Then you get up once more, you look around and you find a small pathway that is running along the length of that brick and you think this is your salvation, you start heading down that pathway hoping that you shall come to the end of the brick wall, after walking for hours and hours, you realise the wall shall never end, but you look back and you convince yourself that the distance you have walked is now longer than that, that remains. So you decide to continue down the path hoping that you shall come to somewhere where the wall gives way, but even as you walk further down that path in the back of your mind you know that this journey shall never end you shall never get your break but you still cant get yourself to give up. It is in us as humans to never accept the inevitable, to never come to terms with defeat or failure. We always continue to wonder "Whats next?"

So even if you see that successful business man always know that he carries failure in his heart. He has failed in a certain field even as though he owns that big shop, that big house, that big house, he still thinks he could have done better, he still seeks to better all his success. So don't think just because you have failed at something that its the end of the road, get up, dust yourself up, and look for that pathway and head down it


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