Laugh And Be Happy!

By Anjali Mohapatra • October 2, 2015

There were so many workers, so many officers, but 'Amanda'!!! .'Amanda' was special for all of them. Her ever smiling face, funny jokes and humble behaviour put the whole office staffs in a happy state, almost in all the time. Amanda was working in that news media office, for nearly twenty years. From the same office, she had crossed her youth, till she reached her middle age phase, but there was hardly any change!!! Her black hair turned into grey haphazardly. Within these twenty years, she had reached only to the second highest level, next to her 'boss'. Slow progress!!! But, she was ever happy like before. So many times her colleagues tried to know the secret behind her happiness. But they couldn't.

The speciality of her character was, the moment she entered the office, her smiling face, spread some happiness among others. As if, she had full of magical powers in her smiling and she would sprinkle it among the staff members. All the time she was grinning, showing her white teeth to everyone and started calling others in a very peculiar names as 'hey prince'..'hey handsome'..'hi, beauty'..'hi angel' like whatever names she had given to her colleagues and others. But nobody felt bad, because they knew her so well. Sometimes, few tried to offend her, but they failed. She remained the same mischievous, naughty, and lovely 'Amanda' for all. They were so much habituated with her lovely jokes and sweet behaviour, that one day of her absence,made a different atmosphere in the office! As if something was lost!

The staff members never felt that, she was the second senior officer, next to the MD. She was so friendly to each and everyone! Sometimes, her friends used to ask her, 'Hey, Amanda! Don't you get angry, bored with the same stuff of work for twenty years? Why didn't you change your work or office? Do you like it?'

Amanda, as usual spoke to them with a broad smiling face. She said, 'Look, dear! From my childhood, I have already faced enough problems and struggled hard for everything. But one thing I remembered, my father always advised me to create a happy surrounding. He was afraid that if anything happens to him, then I would be lonely. I may become depressed and my life would be miserable. So, he always tried to make me happy, either giving me some beautiful gifts or taking me to a short trip. I lost my mom, when I was a small kid, and I was the only child of my parents. So, my dad was very much alerted from the beginning that I would remain happy for all the time. My dad was my best friend. We had no secret between us. He was my mom and dad both. We passed our time so happily, you people can't believe it!!! When we were chatting, he often told me, 'Amanda, no matter what may come, be happy and try your best to make others happy, because this is the only thing which costs nothing! And if you can manage to keep your mind happy, you will be a blessed person! Well, my dad passed away, but I vowed before him that I would never spend my time with grief. Thus, I searched for the path of happiness. It was too difficult for me, because happiness is not something you can buy or sell, it's a state of mind!!! I tried and tried but I was not satisfied with anything. Suddenly, once I noticed that anybody smiled at me, I really felt good. Whether the person was known to me or not, was immaterial. I sensed a good feeling, that's it! Then, I decided that I would try my best to give a smile what may come. I would be honest in my words that I had given to my dad. So, I am trying my best to be happy and make you people happy. Am I right?' She laughed again looking at her friends amusingly.

'OK,that's great!'

They teased her, provoked her, but she remained the same! Even one of her friends said,'Hey, Amanda, how can you tolerate your boss for such a long time? He is really so short-tempered man! It is unbearable!!!!'

Once again, Amanda giggled loudly and spoke,'Hey, dear! Listen, when I am working under some one, I have two options. Either I have to tolerate and be patient to uphold my service or I have to leave the job and walk away. Again I thought, if I would prefer to walk away, I have two options. The next boss may be good may not be. So, in that uncertainty, I may cope with him or may not. That means, everything is in fifty-fifty chance. So, why not I would sustain with the present boss, till I would be sure of something better result?' with same joking voice, she laughed and looked at them for their consent.

'Oh, Amanda! Awesome, dear!!! You are absolutely right!!' shouted some one from her back side. He continued again,'By the way Amanda, you have already passed half of your life working here and writing articles, stories blah..blah..blah. When are you going to find your life partner, children, I mean your own family?'

She laughed aloud and immediately commented,'Are you kidding? What partner, what family? I am happy with what I have and what I am!!!! I don't have time to think about it even! After office, I spend my time playing with the young children of my campus and in the office, all of you are there!So, where there is question of boredom? Oh, yes! Once I was thinking of getting married. But the next moment I gave up that idea. You know what? That time also, I had two thoughts. I may have children or I may not have. And even if I have, they may stay with me or may not be! Who knows whether my husband will cope with me or not? And if, by chance I can't adjust with him, then? Then what??? So, why so much puzzle, so much headache? Why not me, be a free bird?'

'Come on, Amanda!!! You are incorrigible!!!!' they all said at a time with a loud laughter.

'Yeah, friends! That's right! You know what? Life itself is a big challenge! Me, all alone, but fully occupied, isn't it a big achievement? I have seen people! Some are happy, some are in worst condition. One of my neighbour, always in a stressed, anger mood. His complaint is, he is neglected, ignored by all, by his friends, by his ex-colleagues etc, etc. However, I feel, he is a good person. Whenever, he gossips with me, he warns me saying,'Amanda dear! This world is too selfish! People will recognise you, till you have money or power, after that they will dump you like a garbage on the road side, trust me!' Anyways, I feel he is a nice old man, he likes me too.'

'That is obvious, Amanda, because we also like you! You know that too!' said the staff.

Not only Amanda, all of them enjoyed the conversation. She was the only lady, who was friendly to each and every one in the office, starting from peon to the Managing Director. Any personal problem, Amanda was definitely there to lend her shoulder. Anybody admitted in the hospital, she was there to extend her helping hand. It seemed, as if she granted her life for the service of others. Indeed, she had chosen a noble profession of 'Service to man is service to God.' Her attitude made her that popular, among her staffs.

Office time was over. Before going home, they reminded her that next day the party would be there in honour of the award she got for her newly released book. She smiled and agreed to the invitation.

She was genuinely simple, good and a soft-spoken lady. She deserved the award long back, what she got few days back. The party was called upon by her colleagues to honour her masterpiece work. Time, venue, almost everything was arranged by her staff members. She had nothing to do except to attend the party, pass some happy, remarkable joyful moments with her colleagues and staff members. It would be simply a beautiful get-together! So, it was unanimously decided the get-together to be held in the next day.

Next day at 7:30 p.m, the party began in a five star hotel of the city. All the invitees (office staff with the MD) assembled in the hall, except the lady for whom the party was called. Few minutes passed. They were surprised at her delayed timing which she never did in her twenty years of tenure. At last, they noticed that the lady was entering the hall in a very casual dress. A chorus voice came out from the gathering,'What Ma'am, Amanda? Today also same casual dress! We expected you, today particularly in a very, very special appearance!!!'

She gave a broad smile to all and apologised. Then taking a pause, she said,'Dears! I am so sorry to break your hearts! But this is the truth. I tried my best to do some make up, to wear my dress fashionably. But, when I put some make up on my face and looked myself on the mirror, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was so weird, so unnatural that I washed my face and bound to make my face as before. Honestly speaking, I tried to were my saree in a fashionable manner just to keep your request, but unfortunately that also I couldn't make it. Unnecessarily, I wasted so much time! Then, I decided, I would present myself as I am! You know what? Fashion is also an art, which is beyond my capacity to do. I am always comfortable, the way I am used to. Please accept me, what I am! Hopefully, my dress code or my natural face would not change your love for me ever! And I do believe in the proverb 'beauty lies in the eyes of beholder!!!' saying so she ran towards the staff excitedly to give them a warm hug. She cut her usual jokes,'Look, look my dears! For you, only for you people, I am here. I just want to spend one night more with my beloved people (she put her palm on her face whispering a comment amusingly that we always stay over time in the office for overtime work) not in office but out side of it.' They all laughed, cheered, enjoyed every moment of that night.

Every one's talk was 'Amanda, we really love you!!! May God bless us with the same spirit as you have like 'Laugh and be Happy', Amanda........

In fact, experience yourself the gift of smiling, you will be amazed!!!


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