By Joseph J. Mazzella • September 14, 2015

I dreamed I was in paradise the other day. It was so beautiful. Golden-white light bathed everything. Rainbows filled the sky without a drop of rain. The trees stood tall and strong. Some of their leaves were green, others were red, and still others were yellow. Birds flew from tree to tree and their sweet songs filled the air. There was a peaceful music coming from everything and the bird songs blended into it perfectly. In the meadows the grass seemed to dance in the wind. Thousands of flowers were blooming. They were every color imaginable and they radiated joy. As I walked along every dog and cat I had ever had ran up to me to be petted. All of them were young and healthy once again.

My Dad, Mom, and Nana were there too along with my neighbor Kai. They were so vital and full of life. I could feel the happiness flowing from their hearts. Their spirits were shining with wisdom and light. Their light reached out to me and I was instantly filled full to overflowing with a love beyond comprehension. I was finally HOME and I was full of JOY.

I awoke with a start but when I opened my eyes the memories of that dream didn’t fade. I sat there for a long time with a smile on my face. I knew, however, that no matter how glorious and beautiful that dream was the real paradise would be a million times better and far beyond my feeble powers to describe.

I knew something else too, something that gave me so much hope. I knew that each of us carries our own paradise within. God lives in each of us. Each of us has love and light in our souls that we can nurture and share. We can do more than just dream of paradise. We can use our prayers, love, and light to help God build a bit of paradise right here today! Be a paradise builder then. Use all that you have to make Earth more like Heaven.


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