Smart Phones

By Joseph J. Mazzella • August 21, 2015

I was driving to town on a beautiful summer day. The sky was full of fat, fluffy clouds. Queen Anne's Lace, Daisies, and Black Eyed Susans were growing on the hillsides. The sun was dancing through the green trees with its golden light and I was smiling at the wonder of it all. Suddenly, a truck rounded the curve in front of me, two feet over the center line. I jerked my wheel to the right and my tires spit up gravel along the side of the road as I just missed the truck on one side and the ditch on the other. As I glanced up I noticed the other driver gazing at his cell phone totally unaware of the near miss. I clenched my teeth in order to keep from saying the words I promised myself I would no longer use.

Later in town I was coming out of the store when a yellow butterfly whom I am sure was sent by my Mom in Heaven started to circle around my head. I smiled peacefully and held out my open palm. To my joy the butterfly landed on it briefly and fluttered its wings before flying away. I looked around to see if anyone else had noticed this minor miracle but the only two people near me had their heads bent down looking at their cell phone screens.

I am beginning to think that life is what happens while people are busy staring at their smart phones. Now I know that social media, computers, and smart phones are here to stay but that doesn't mean that they have to dominate our days or take over our lives. Amazingly, they all come with a power button. We can turn them off any time we wish.

Don't let your smart phone take away your smart mind. Don't let technology take over your soul. Use it when you need it but turn it off when you don't. God loves us and He gave us this life to love each other. Love well then. Turn your heart on more and your phone on less. Share your kindness, your joy, your hugs, your laughter, and your life and make God smile.


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