Walk Your Own Path

By Chandramouli Reddy • August 3, 2015

Many people simply follow the others in every manner by comparing their lifestyles. The inference is that,they are not living their true life for what it is meant. "Every person has a reason to live on this Earth". Every life has some purpose to be filled. Take any activity, be it profession, business, job, career etc it is individual specific. We could not follow others blindly. We have to leave behind our own mark. "We have to walk our own path".

Some people take excuses for their failures by simply throwing the cause on others from whom they borrow the ideas or advice. Although taking Inspiration from others is best thing to adopt while accomplishing an activity, following each step will wipe out our identity altogether.

Each human being has specific integrity, intuition,character & capacity. They have certain qualities. These qualities make every person standing out separately in the world. So each one has his or her dream to live to the end, destiny to reach. Many people around us make bee sounds with their innumerable ideas & advice. The thing that is freely available in the world is "offering advice to others". So don't be carried away by too much ideas & advice by others.

Every person with his or her own strength and intelligence can achieve the desired objectives. They can bring at least a small cognitive change for this world.

Each one has to listen to their inner being which always guide us in a subtle manner. It speaks very clear in our sheer silence. Follow the advice of inner voice. It guides even in the darkness. Then achieve remarkable victory. So "walk your own path"


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