By Shannon O'Neal Hart • July 23, 2015

In my darkest days of addiction/alcoholism I met "JESSE JAMES DEAN." He changed my life that day, changed my heart, and I think about him constant and THANK JESUS CHRIST for putting us back in each others paths. At the time I met him - I was with my now (ex-boyfriend) whom is incarcerated on a 45 yr sentence. Jesse James I believe fell in love with me at first sight - However my vision was obscured because I was a slave to addiction and trapped in an abusive relationship. I HAVE NEVER EVER EVER yet to this day do what Jesse James did for me. He supported me, spoke life into me, made me feel beautiful, bought me a precious gift, and told me he would take care of me the rest of his life. Well I declined all this because of my die-hard loyal nature and because of the GOLDEN RULE. I even was still trying to do what is right in GOD'S eyes. Time has moved us apart and maybe even different states because he was not from Oklahoma like I am, but was living here at the time (He is from Louisiana). I went to a recovery meeting of which an "Old Timer" Don-asked me "Where is Jesse"? of which I didn't know and long to know and pray to know-The 'Old Timer" responded with, "He would have done ANYTHING in the world for you."

I THANK GOD,JESUS, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT for my freedom today of addiction and abuse. I PRAISE JESUS for restoring my life double, triple, quadruple of all I lost in those depths of hell including my 3 children. I PRAISE JESUS in advance for re-uniting and re-bonding, and reconciling my children and also JESSE JAMES DEAN!!!!!! THE VERY BEST IS YET TO COME AND I SURRENDER ALL TO MY ALMIGHTY EVERLASTING FATHER JESUS CHRIST-JESSE JAMES. If GOD willing you see this or read this, please contact me via FACEBOOK or Twitter under "Shannon Hart." I cant find you BUT JESUS CAN. HALLELUJAH AND GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU ABUNDANTLY AND OVERFLOWING.


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