The Little Things Matter

By Jay Abington • July 20, 2015

About 3 weeks ago I went into a wells Fargo bank to deposit a couple hundred dollars in my daughters account. Jamie sent me a text with her account number on it a few weeks prior so i get out my phone and realize i don't have my glasses so I asked the young lady helping me if she wouldn't mind scrolling back through her text till she found it. She said sure I can have a look. So she is going through them and i am looking at her waiting.

I see her face change and I know why but before I could say a word she holds the phone to her chest and says 'OH MY GOD you must be the most loved dad ever that is simply precious I think I am going to cry as a drop rolls down her cheek.' Another girl comes over to see what is going on and she says 'do you mind?' I said of course not so she shows them to a couple of the other girls. You see guys every single day my Jamie sends me these text messages telling me how much she loves me and all sorts of darling things. One of the girls asks me how old she is and I tell her 21 and a daddy's girl all the way.the original girl says when I get done helping you I am going to text my dad right away. the other two girls are already doing so. Couple weeks go by and I go into the bank and the same girl is working. Well it is my turn and i walk up with a smile thinking she probably wont remember. She says 'hi jay how is the worlds most loved dad doing today.' Get this she tells me that the 4 of them call or text their dads every single day now.

Thanks for your time my friends hope it was worth it.


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