By Chandramouli Reddy • July 13, 2015

This morning, I started very late in my vehicle to office. I was in hurry to reach office as clients from other city were waiting in my room. Add to my woes I got hold off in the traffic jam at a signal point. All the vehicles stood up in bee line, everybody in the driving seat were blowing horns incessantly to get rid off their irritation over the situation they were held. I got down from the vehicle & moved forward followed by four others in search of the cause of the traffic jam. There at a turning an young lad in his twenties was struggling hard to move forward his vehicle which was giving jerks every time when started the ignition. Everyone there just watching without coming to the rescue of him, instead they were blaming for the scenario happened due to this boy. The number of vehicles fell in the traffic jam was gradually increasing. The boy looked so embarrassed as everyone put him to the scorn for the awkward plight they were undergoing. Nobody was in the mood of forgiving the boy for his error.

The lad in the driving seat was praying God with the folded hands as there was no other go. In the meantime a traffic police appeared in the scene & he also took the boy with contempt for creating this public inconvenience. Myself with other four rushed to the rescue of the crisis and we strived to push the vehicle. The moment we tried for,it started with loud sound. The boy heaved a big sigh of relief & apologized everyone there and moved off. After that I went into deep contemplation over the Human attitude in the times of crisis.

Usually "we blame other people for their faults committed unknowingly and we take credit for the delightful moments though we don't contribute anything." In the times of crisis we don't try to resolve it, instead we blame someone for the mishap. We seldom remember the truth that what we expect other people to behave or act according to our wishes the same also applies to us.

"Forgiving" is Devine quality where "cursing" is inhuman quality. Every human on this earth makes error at one or other times. If other people do that we blame, when we are in the same condition we crave for the mercy. This contrast in thought process must go. Forgiving others for small mistakes which are of negligible importance in their influence, develops complacency and it generates inner peace. Forgiving is a healthy attitude, it avoids any conflicts further and spread the universal love.


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