The Power Of Decision Making

By Adede Owalla • July 13, 2015

Both my parents died while I was in form one ( ninth grade ) in the year 2002, and it seemed as if my future and that of my two siblings had been totally darkened and all hopes stuffed in a sack of abandonment. This was considering the fact that my immediate guardian, my grandma was also lame and there was no need depending on her because she had nothing to offer in the first place and could not even afford a jerican of water, leave alone food ; Instead , it was me and my other two siblings who were supposed to work hard and make sure that she survived . Our parents' death brought deep sorrows to our lives and my two younger siblings would cry the whole day and ask their mum and dad had gone. I had to tell them the truth and assure them that one day ,we'll all die and will be lifted to be with God and our parents.

I decided to drop school and take up a job as a fishermen at Nduru beach , Lake Victoria which was a stone throw from our home. I swore to God that I will make sure the two siblings go to school and achieve their dreams at whatever cost even if it meant pawning my own self. My grandma used to pity me a lot and sometimes she would hold my head and whisper these words "... My grandson, whatever you have so far experienced in life has transformed you to an adult at a tender age, our God is never sleeping, it is only that he has his own time for everyone, you have DECIDED and he'll bless your Decision."

My grandma died a year after because of stress and lack of proper medical care. We couldn't afford to offer her proper medical attention because even ourselves sometimes go without a single meal in a day. I never gave up, and just as my dad used to say while he was on his death bed "I am not going to DIE!", I also DECIDED that my siblings would not starve to death but we just had to sail through the torrential life waves to glory. That same year , there was an advert in one of the dailies in Kenya about an audition for Comedians and the best would be given a job with a radio station plus a cash prize of Ksh 10 ,000 ( 100 $ ). I DECIDED to go for the audition and had to walk 57 Km from my home in the village to the city of Kisumu where the audition took place. I didn't even had a shoe in the first place and I guess that was the reason why the security guards at Sun Set Hotel ( the venue ) refused that I could not be allowed in till one of the organizers came and ordered that I be allowed in. Before my turn to audition approached, I went to the toilet and talked to God, I told him "Father, am doing this to you, Use me as a vessel to manifest your glory and love to the humble and despised ......" I came first in the audition an won 100$ and also got a job with a local radio station as a comedian (that is when I realized that am a talented Comedian). This was a great news to my two siblings and for once they had something to smile about. Then, I could pay their school fee comfortably and even registered for a private classes so that I could earn a form four certificate. My Sister did her KCSE in 2005 and scored grade B, I also did my KCSE the following year and scored the same grade. My younger brother sat for his KCSE in 2011 and scored A-. This according to me was God revealing the in depth reality of His Glory and the ever blossoming favor for his children.

My Sister joined a Teachers Training College and is today a teacher, happily married with two kids. My brother is an international volleyball player in Rwanda while myself is also a teacher. Apart from all those, last year Dec, we also started a successful Home For the Elderly in memory of our grandma named "THE HOUSE OF MAGGY" with a total of six aged grannies.

You see, being that I was brought up in a Christian family, I had a strong belief that there was no power that supersedes God's power. It doesn't matter what you are going through in life, what God need of you is simply to stop HOPING and DECIDE on what you need of your life. We sometimes fail in life not because we are not worth success but because we dedicate much of our time hoping than deciding. With him, everything is POSSIBLE. BE BLESSED!


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