Does God Still Speak To People

By Kay • July 9, 2015

It was a delightful morning. The birds were singing and the chipmunks were chirping in between eating their morning meal of acorns on our front steps. "Oh, life doesn't get any better than this." I said to myself as I sat in my usual spot on the sofa reading my Bible and talking to the LORD.This quiet time was a daily habit for me. I never knew when I sat down exactly how long I would be there. I was always excited to see what the LORD would be teaching me each day. I looked forward to this quiet time alone with GOD.

This morning as I sat holding my Bible on my lap reading I heard this inner voice saying, "Get up and go to the corn stand at the Antique Mall." "What?" I found myself saying. "Lord, this is our time together. Is this really You?"

Actually, I wasn't sure there was a corn stand by the Antique Mall. If there was one, I certainly had never been there. I heard the words again this time loud and clear, "Kay, get up and go to the corn stand at the Antique Mall."This was VERY strange and in a way I felt foolish acting upon this thought, but finally I said to the LORD, "You know my heart and I really want to do what You tell me. If this is You telling me to go, I want to obey; if this is not You, You know my heart is right."

This was going to be between the LORD and me. If there was no corn stand there, I wouldn't even tell anyone about this conversation.

I got up and left everything as it was and got into the van. I drove to the Antique Mall. I slowly pulled into the parking lot wondering why I was there and what I would find. Lo and behold, there was a little produce stand. I stopped and parked the van. Then I thought, "Well, now what do I do?" The thought to get out and buy some corn came to me. GOOD IDEA!!!!

After I selected a dozen ears of corn, the first corn we'd had this season, I handed the young lady behind the counter the money and returned to the van. I was still confused to why I was there.

As I opened the door of the van to put the corn in, I noticed the inspirational booklets written by Dr. Peale sitting in the basket between the seats. I always kept a supply of these booklets with me to give out to people when I felt directed to do so.

The thought to give this girl who was selling the corn a booklet came to my mind. I reached in and picked up a couple of booklets. I got out of the van and walked over to the stand again with the booklets in my hand. There were several people milling around looking over the produce. I walked over in front of where this girl was standing and handed her the booklets and said, "I thought you might enjoy reading these today."

Without hesitation she came out from behind the counter and took the booklets, then asked "Who sent you?" I was stunned! Much to my own surprise I answered, "God." I went on trying to explain what had happened that morning. I told her that the request to go to the corn stand at the Antique Mall was so strange I felt it must be the LORD, so I came. By this time the other people who were around the stand were listening to our conversation with looks of astonishment on their faces. To tell you the truth, I was a little astonished myself.

All of a sudden this girl began to cry and threw her arms around me.She told me that she had received some devastating news about 20 minutes before and had prayed that GOD would send someone to be with her. I told her it had been just about 20 minutes before that I'd had the thought to go there.

By now we had everyone's attention who was shopping at the stand. Turning around seeing everyone looking at us hugging, this young women with tears running down her cheeks said, "The Lord sent this lady here today, just when I needed her."

I walked back to the van and opened the door and got in. As I was pulling out of the parking lot I looked back in the rear view mirror. I saw this young women with her hands raised to the sky saying, "Thank you, Jesus."

I was also thanking Jesus for this delightful day and what He had taught me by answering my question, "Is this really You?" Do you think I believe God still speaks to people? You bet I do!


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