By IIITriangles • July 6, 2015

My vision in life is to change the world. I want people to feel inspired and i want to give people hope. I believe we all have greatness within us! All of our children have the ability to accomplish miracles. Look at your life. Look at your children and your family and tell them things will not stay this way forever. Tell them that things will be better. Make a promise to yourself and everyone you care or have ever cared about. Promise them that life will be better. Promise them that there is no reason to be sad. Tell Your children they are beautiful. Tell them they have greatness inside of them. Lead by example and make the lives of everyone around you better. It wont be easy. At first you may look at yourself in the mirror and say it cant me me! That person in my dreams is a figment of my imagination. If you just start thinking that it can be you, then the person you dream about starts becoming. They start showing through you. The person you see in your dreams can be you and is you. Believe and things will begin to change for you.

Think about what in your life inspires you. What in your life feeds your soul, gives you goosebumps, and makes you feel alive. Weather its music, sports, dancing, acting, speaking, what is it that makes you feel special and makes you feel the greatness that is within you.

I often get myself into trouble. I often spend time with people that some might believe to undesirable people. It often weakens the picture that you paint of me but can never change who the person I am inside. Do not be mistaken you cannot look at as bad or undesirable people. If you look at those people in such a way and shut them out of your life you are not doing you job as a human being. I will love everyone in this world, it is inside of me to attempt to make everyone's life better. Its apart of my soul to help the world and to try my hardest to help create better lives for those around me and try to inspire those who are not.


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