Wise Man

By Sonia Kaur • July 5, 2015

Life is unpredictable. Every day, every hour, minute and second is new for us. We never know what will come next so we always need a wise man to follow.

Why wise man? Because he can guide us in our hard times. He can show us the right path how to live a good life. If you don't have wise man in your life than you can read their books like books of Maskeen ji, Bhai Veer Singh Sadan, Prof. Darshan Singh ji etc.

God has blessed us with wise people around us as our grand parents. But the problem is this we feel ashamed talking with them, going out with them. We can learn a lot from their experiences. They can save us from many obstacles as they have been through.

Wise man makes things easier - if you want to achieve some goal or something in your life then follow a wise man because he can tell you the way to achieve.

Wise man is a messenger of God. God speaks through a wise man. We can see God through their eyes, they reveal us the qualities of God. Make a habit of listening because only by listening we can learn a lot.


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