A Fine Judgment

By Anjali Mohapatra • June 26, 2015

A very, very rich man, once called his twenty four years old son, to have some discussion with him. They both sat in their lavishly furnished drawing room and the man started, 'Look, dear! I am growing old. Before anything happens to me, I want to be sure of your capability to handle this huge property. At least, I can die peacefully, if you can satisfy my hope! But, be sure that, for every single act of yours, will be questioned and you are answerable, no option! Am I clear?'

The son looked at his father's face and then coolly said, 'OK, father! What's that you want me to do?'

The father said,'Well, I will give you few billion dollars and time limit is one month, sharp. Within this one month, you have to do some constructive work, use all the money, but every single penny will be properly used and you have to get benefit out of it. Be sure that, neither a single penny will be wasted nor it will be used for your personal entertainments, specifically within this tenure. Do you agree with the terms?'

The son smiled meticulously and nodded his head. He softly said,'O.K, father, I accept the challenge!'

Next day, the day began for his new journey of investment. Money was handed over to him in his account. First day, obviously was hard for him to locate, where exactly he wanted to invest the money. He searched every possible sites, then he decided to buy four plots. Fortunately, he got the plots, in very good locations. One of the plots, was almost in the midst, heart of the city. It was absolutely a huge area. He fixed the builders for construction. Work started vigorously, because of the dead line, one month! Thousands of different skilled workers were employed to finish the work in time. Eventually, after twenty eight days, all the four buildings were completed in four different locations.

He made the commercial complex in the center of the city. Out of other three buildings, one was a huge school, second one was a beautiful library and the third one was meant for the old couples. The infrastructure of the buildings were excellent. The school was highly equipped with all modern facilities, so that the learning process would be interesting. So also, the library and the old home cottage. A beautiful, small exotic park was attached to the old-home cottage. The interior decoration and the ultra modern fittings in the cottage, was awesome! It was hard to compare one with other to find out the best one! Almost, all four buildings were beyond the comparison.

He gave a short notice in the internet for occupation of all these four buildings. In the mean time, he already, fixed the Dean with other staffs for the school.

It was twenty ninth day, last but one! Time was 8:30 p:m. His father called him to join in his discussion. As usual, the son obeyed his father, and the father started,'Well, dear! Tell me are you successful in your venture?'

'Yes, father, I am done,' he answered in the same polite voice.

'Well, I have seen your ads in the internet. You have become too lenient in money matter. Can you explain me, what was your purpose behind these ideas? How will you be benefited out of this? And how much money is left? I want a correct and exact answer from you.'

'O.K, fine, father! I accepted your challenge and took the money. But I invested the money according to my concept, which I felt as the best. Everybody's concept, ideas, thought processes are different. I laid the best opportunities in four different aspects. I was born in a rich family and never knew what poverty is! But I have seen people, how they are aspiring a high quality school for their children, but can't afford it, only because of money. So, I decided to provide the best of the school to fulfil their dream come true.'

'Second one was a commercial complex, where so many shops can be opened and hundreds of people can be engaged. At least, so many people can get job and they can earn some money. Besides that, it will be an entertainment place for all the people. There would be no bar among rich and poor! Life long, we can get the rental fee, until and unless we will sell it.'

'Third one was a huge library, where every possible book is available for all age group. I have no idea about what others think, but I think there is nothing more peaceful and pleasure than book reading. Of course, it depends, who wants what type of book. So, I think, it's a worth visiting place. Whether we will get any monetary benefit or not, that I don't know, but certainly we can give happiness to others. That's a big achievement for us.'

'Fourth, the last one is the old-couples' house! Basically, I thought for the senior citizens, old couples, who feel lonely after a certain time. This one is meant for them. In my view, this one is the best thing, I have ever done! Old age is too difficult to spare the time! It is not because they would be neglected, but because the stressful life of their children and the time management! Actually, father! I think it's no one's fault. Today's world has made them like this! No one has time to pay full attention to anyone, whoever it may be! And you know what, father? As a person grows old, his mind remains in the same state of young age time. The expectations goes up. And invariably when it doesn't happen, they feel lonely, neglected, which is not true always. So, I thought that if they would live in the old home cottage, they would be much, much more happier than before. They can enjoy their life with their contemporary fellow beings happily, for the rest of their lives.'

After expressing his views, the son remained silent, awaiting his father's reaction.

'Hmm..so you spent all the money?'

'No, father! Tomorrow is the last day of the contract you made with me. So, still there is time. Whatever money is left, will be deposited in two organisations. First one is 'the school' and second one is 'the old home cottage', so that the interest of the money will be used forever as a 'Scholarship' and 'entertainment' respectively.'

'Well, my son!' Now tell me, 'Are you going to be benefited that much, in respect of the amount you have spent?'

His son smiled and said,'Father, the day the people, the children, the seniors will be happy, I think, that day will be the happiest day for me. That happiness is much, much more valuable than the money I have spent. That's it.'

The father looked at his son meaningfully and smiled,'Well done! Go ahead'. He judged his son perfectly well. A calm and steady mind can run any business!


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