My Girl

By Glenn Geroux • June 25, 2015

The song "My Girl" is a classic Motown hit. I love the song and when my second daughter was born it became "our" song. As a baby, I would dance with her around the house listening to our song, as she got older we would dance arm in arm to our song. To this day, if we are anywhere near each other in the house, or at a social gathering, and the song comes on, we will seek each other out and dance or hug each other.

Few years ago, my daughter was off to university, long distance away, so our visits are few. I was home during the afternoon, something very rare, cleaning the house listening to some tunes on the radio. When "My Girl" came on, I stopped in my tracks, and I could feel the tears in my eyes starting to form, thinking of my "little" girl and how much I missed her. Within 10 seconds of the song starting, the phone rang, and my first thought was, "stupid phone call, your interrupting this special moment thinking about my daughter", when on the phone IS my daughter calling me. She says dad, I'm at work, but I was thinking about you and I just had to call you and tell you how much I love you and miss you! What are the chances of me being home that afternoon, that our song would be playing at that precise moment. MIRACLES, they happen everyday, just open your heart to them.


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