My Most Inspiring Business Moment...

By Stephanie Adams-Nicolai • May 26, 2013

My most inspiring business moment...

Has nothing to do with business. My most inspiring business moment has been waking up to see my toddler son sleeping peacefully and knowing that all the businesses my husband and I own are spiritually motivated by our love for him.

The first year my husband and I were married, he endured a near fatal accident when I was pregnant. It didn't help that I too suffered from an injury years before meeting my husband, mine deemed permanent by prior professionals, as I passionately fought a high profile legal case in court regarding my assault. To add to matters, I was also fighting a highly emotional case in court, for the guardianship of my legal guardian who raised me since birth, who had become incapacitated. There was so much going on and so much to question. But then my prayers were answered. My husband fully recovered and we now also have a happy, healthy son. I won both cases in court and was successfully interviewed by various media afterwards. My husband's a doctor and his medical profession involves natural treatment and healing, so he naturally provides daily care to me which has helped me tremendously. After almost three years of breastfeeding our son and being a stay-at-home mom with no nannies or help, we nevertheless managed to become founders of a new private practice that helps others overcome injuries as we did. I even continue authoring books and recently started a skincare line as well as a non-profit organization promoting peace and wellness. We've come a long way, but our wonderful, magical journey has just begun. And I truly live by my GODDESSY spiritual web site motto: Belief is only the beginning...

Stephanie Adams-Nicolai

Founder of GODDESSY, GODDESSY Organics, Illuminatius, & Wall Street Chiropractic


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