Second Chances

By Joseph J. Mazzella • June 11, 2015

I was in fifth grade and about to take a science test. Since first grade I had always been good at school. I loved to read and remembered things easily. Simple math was a breeze for me and I always did well on tests. When it came to fifth grade science, however, I was struggling. I couldn't seem to understand it no matter how hard I tried. I was scared. Mom and Dad had always been so proud of my good grades and I didn't want to let them down. Just before the test then I had written several of the answers on my desk top in barely legible pencil. I sat nervously as the teacher started to hand out the tests. I didn't want to get caught, but I didn't want to fail either.

As the teacher was starting down my row suddenly the fire alarm went off. It was an unscheduled fire drill. We all headed out the door and stood together waiting for the all clear signal. As I stood outside in the warm sunshine I realized what a fool I had been. I knew my Mom and Dad would be proud of me and love me no matter what my grades were. As soon as we were allowed back in I spit on my hand, walked to my desk, and wiped the answers away. I had been given a second chance and I wasn't going to waste it. I took the test, did my best, and felt at peace. I don't remember what my grade was but what happened that day has stayed in my heart and mind ever since.

I am not sure why God gave me a second chance that day. It wouldn't be the last time, though. God has given me more second, third, and fourth chances than any man deserves. His patience and love have been with me through all the mistakes, stumbles, and falls I have made. His second chances have allowed me to grow into the person I am today.

Life is full of second chances but you have to be willing to take them. You have to be willing to ask God's forgiveness and begin again. You have to be willing to release your mistakes and grasp your inner goodness. You have to be willing to give up your fear and just love. Every day when you wake up you are given a second chance at life. Embrace it! Cherish it! And use it wisely!


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