A Part Of God's Creation

By Joseph J. Mazzella • June 4, 2015

I was sitting in my car with the windows rolled down. My daughter had a meeting in the building in front of me and I was waiting to give her a ride home. The eighty degree day was wrapping the world in its warmth. A gentle breeze was blowing. Fat, fluffy clouds coasted lazily across the sky. The sun was washing the world with its golden light, making everything more beautiful. It sparkled off the green leaves filling every tree and made them glow. On the ground a bumble bee buzzed around a patch of yellow dandelions while a patient butterfly fluttered above him. Dozens of different birds were singing. Each of their songs was unique but they curiously combined into a symphony of delight. Even a squirrel seemed to stop and listen to them for a moment before zipping away across the pavement and up an old Oak tree.

As I sat there I noticed that I was smiling peacefully and that my heart felt full of contentment. It was like I could feel the Love of God all around me and within me too. It made wonder why more people didn't make the time each day to take in all the beauty, peace, and love that surrounds us.

Archibald Rutledge wrote: "God ministers to our spirits by the beauty that adorns creation." Perhaps the best thing each of us can do then is to care for God's creation, to add our own beauty to it and to do our best to share it with others.

Do your best then to add your loving soul, sweet smile, and kind heart to God's creation. Add your goodwill and helping hands to it as well. Add your optimism and enthusiasm. Add your wisdom, skills, and talents. Add all that you are to make this world a better place. We are all a part of God's glorious tapestry of creation! How big or small a part of it is up to us, however. Don't let yours be as small as a grain of sand when it can be as huge as Heaven.


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