Love The Small Things

By Stacy • April 13, 2015

I love the life, and recently I found myself thinking about what makes me love the life. Not just my life, but the life as a whole. This brought in my mind a lot of things I really care about, or that make me feel good when I hear or see them.

A smile. A laugh. The happiness in the eyes of someone. The joy of seeing a loved one after a long time. A quarrel that ends with an hug. The first words of a child. A kind word whispered to someone who’s having a hard time. A small favor made for nothing in exchange. A ray of light after a violent storm. The feeling of the water on my head while showering. A mother that calms her child just by taking him in her arms. The smell of an old book, and the words I can read on it. A well told joke. A group of friends that try anything they can to help one of them. A friend that wants you to listen and advise because he trust you. Or a scared child that hug your leg because you can protect him. The feeling of happy tears that begin to come out after you see something heartwarming. Two hands that entwine their fingers. The Friday afternoon, when you can leave behind a hard week of work. The sound of the rain falling on nearby trees. A light breeze on a hot day. An unexpected and welcomed surprise. The smell of the underwood after a summer rain. Finding something to say at the right moment. Staring at the ceiling before falling asleep. A cat that sits on your lap. Receiving a good news, even if it doesn't involve directly you. A night sky with a lot of stars. The full moon behind translucent clouds. That feeling after an illness, when you are getting better. Watching a movie you loved when you were young, and finding out that you still like it.


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